About NES Workshops

The Polish Sociological Association’s recently constituted Economic Sociology section has launched a call for arguments and debates related to the place of the study of economic life within the broader sociological discipline. This topic is designed to be discussed over a few meetings, to be held annually, under the generic title Bringing the New Economic Sociology Back Into the Sociological Analysis. As the title shows, this workshop series started from the assumption that new economic sociology, in its focus to ‘correct’ the manner in which economics approaches economic life, runs the risk of becoming decoupled from the sociological discourse. Thus, the workshop series was launched as a call, an alarm signal to be more accurate, for new economic sociologists to try to use the findings of new economic sociology in order to address the main assumptions and contradictions not only in economics, but in sociology as well.

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Organizing Institutions

  • Polish Sociological Association – Section of Economic Sociology & Warsaw Department
  • University of Warsaw – Research Unit on Action and Consequences
  • Polish Academy of Sciences – Institute of Philosophy and Sociology

Financial Support

  • Ministry of Finance and Higher Education of Poland

Organizing Committee

  • Adriana Mica (Research Unit on Action and Consequences – University of Warsaw)
  • Katarzyna M. Wyrzykowska ( Institute of Philosophy and Sociology – Polish Sociological Association)